Jumping Castle, Kids Party

jumping castle companyEvery year we try and do something a little more special and make a most memorable day out of the kids’ birthdays. The kids may not remember who attended, or the bold and flamboyant fashion statements that the guests made, but what they will certainly remember is the entertainment that you line up for the day.

Kids are quite easy to please and there are so many options to choose from that would be perfect for a typical kids’ party. The options you choose from this range may of course be subject to budgetary constraints, safety concerns and personal preferences. For entertaining performances so epic that your kid’s party will be the talk in town among his/her peers, you can choose a combination of the following acts that are a guaranteed hit.

Jumping castles

Jumping castles hire is an undisputed must for any kids’ party. This inflated play item brings hours of endless fun to the event with the kids taking turns in the bouncing. For themed parties, you can have the hire company give you an inflatable that perfectly fits into the theme of the day.

Unlike years before when jumping castle hire meant a plain-looking and quite boring inflatable being delivered to your party, today, there are bouncy castle-slide combos and other exciting designs including basketball rings and a wrestling arena that bring the kids to a new world of fun.

With a special attention to safety during set-up and vigilant adult supervision during playtime, the kids can safely have some safe and uninhibited bouncy fun.

Magical Acts

Ever seen the look on a kids face as he/she tries to understand a trick without veiling their bewilderment and amazement at the “magic?” Simply priceless. Bring a magician to the party and you can be sure that the kids will forget about everything for a while as they get lost in the world of magic , with tricks and illusions that you wouldn’t care too much for as an adult, but for them, it will a definite wow.

Do you know what kids seem to love better than magic? Magic acts done by a clown. You can make arrangements with the magician for this.

Face painting and Balloon Twisting

Nobody wants to wait for a day out in the amusement to have their faces painted by professional face painting companies. You can bring the fun to the kids by hiring a professional face painter that can work on custom designs for the kids.

Balloon art just never gets old, especially for the younger kids. Hire a team of balloon making artists for your party and the kids will absolutely love it.


As a mom, you probably already know all the kids’ favorite” hits”, as subconsciously as that may have come to be. Add some funk to the party by hiring a musical act that will get the kids on the floor dancing and singing along to their definition of party anthems.

You can spoil your kids silly with these fun ideas, at least before the monster that is unruly and rebellious teenage-hood sets in. Find a reliable service provider for the jumping castle hire and the other activities and the kids will enjoy a day of fun and merry-making, memories of which will keep you going years later when they ignore you and prefer to have “special time”….all the time, with their phones.


Your choice of fake grass should not scream “fake”. Instead, ensure that you choose a variety of artificial grass that closely resembles and has a fair realism compared to natural grass among other desirable characteristics.

You may want to undertake installing fake grass in the yard as a DIY project, or engage a professional service provider. Either way, it is important to find a supplier-installer whose workmanship meets and even exceeds your requirements and expectations. Some of the factors to consider include the following

Product quality

To ensure that you get your money’s worth; check the quality of the fake grass before entering into a contract with the supplier. Check that the texture, tuft density and weight match your preferences and are suitable for the area where the fake grass will be installed. Quality does not come cheap, so you should be prepared to dig in a little deeper into your pockets to secure the best quality in the market.

Credentials and experience

Conduct extensive market research when finding a supplier. Find a well-established company that is certified and has all the proper licensing to operate in the locality. Enquire about what qualifications members of the installation team and how much on-the-job exposure and experience they have. Diligent work over the years helps most installers in mastering how to tackle even the most challenging jobs for a satisfactory finish on every job.

You may also want to hear from other clients who have worked with the company. Ask for a portfolio of the installation projects the company has undertaken recently.

Guarantee offer

Before committing, ask about what guarantees the artificial grass company offers. Consider the grass guarantee that is typically between 5-10 years for most companies. Other guarantees may include a workmanship guarantee that will cover all matters arising from poor quality workmanship.


You cannot spend money that you do not have on installing fake grass or any other project. Compare per-square-meter costs of different suppliers and find one that offers great quality service within your budget limits. You should also ask for a comprehensive cost breakdown, showing clearly the cost of the artificial grass and that of installing it. You may also want to enquire about any additional “hidden” costs such as delivery charges to the site of actual installation.

Infill and Backing options

Infill helps to maintain that lush appearance for fake grass. There are also some superior non-infill surfaces. The most popular infill materials are sand and rubber. Backing can be either latex or polyurethane. Depending on your preferences and budget, ask about what infill and backing options the supplier has available.

With the increasing popularity of artificial turf, so has the number of suppliers in the market increased. Finding a suitable fake grass supplier cannot be understated, especially if you desire to get the best quality fake grass for your money.

At Perth Artificial Grass, they are a reliable and seasoned supplier and installer of fake grass surfaces for your homes, commercial facilities and spots fields. They offer affordable rates , a 7-year warranty and guarantee to get the job done right the first time. Get in touch today for an opportunity to engage industry experts that will not disappoint. Make sure to mention this website.


Jumping Castle

Safe and Secure Play Time With Bouncy Castles

Bouncy castles are an exceptionally fun addition to any party and a favorite for many children. Statistics, however, show that, beyond the madly adventurous fun you can expect from bouncy castles, there are a significant number of accidents leading to minor as well as grave injuries that children get into while playing of bouncy castles and other inflatables.

There is record of extremes relating to these accidents as was the case over the Easter weekend a few weeks ago. A cloud of sadness engulfed the town of Harlow, Essex following the unfortunate death of a little angel aged seven by the name Summer Grant. In what can only be described as a horrific freak accident, the little girl died after the inflatable she was playing in was torn off its supports by a gusty wind and flung 400 metres across the park. Family and friends remain in devastated shock as they struggle with the reality of a soul taken too soon. A death most unfortunate, and which could have been prevented. Click on the link to read the entire heart-wrenching story http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/harlow-bouncy-castle-death-fairground-7644626

Most of the injuries that children sustain as they play on the castles are a result of being hit by other kids as they play or falling off the castle at some point. All these can be avoided by ensuring that there is responsible adult supervision during bouncy play time. Safety is undoubtedly a primary concern when it comes to bouncy castle hire and before committing to a hire agreement, you should conduct due diligence to ensure that the service provider is also committed to the highest standards of safety for your kids.

Safety Considerations For Before-Hire

Always narrow down your search to the most reputable bouncy hire companies that source their products from the best manufacturers and whose track record for great service can be ascertained from positive clients’ reviews and independent local review authorities. Choosing one company over the other among these reputable companies boils down to an examination and evaluation of the nitty-gritty including the following

· Check that the company is fully compliant with local standards that guide the safe use and operation of bouncy castles and other play inflatables such as the Australian Safety Standards and Safe Work Australia Standards.

· Most hire agreement terms dictate the hire company is responsible for setting up, operating and supervising play time on the inflatables. Always check that the personnel in the company’s team are competent adult, who are trained and experienced to make sound judgments and execute their assigned duties respectively.

A suitably experienced team will recognize the hazards that different weather conditions such as wind and rain present and therefore make the logical decision to not allow kids on the inflatables. Little summer would still be with us if the team had not ignored warnings by the weatherman, knowing that strong winds can cause a bouncy castle to flip over. The responsible parties now face manslaughter charges by gross negligence.

Perth Bouncy Castle Hire is a fully licensed and insured company that has proven its commitment to the safety of everyone playing on their hire units. The many clients across various service locations confidently attest that it is more than just about profit for the company. Visit http://www.perthbouncycastlehirewa.com.au for more information on jumping castle hire with a guarantee of safety and quality.

Party Supplies

Children’s Birthday Parties are Lackluster Without Children’s Party Supplies

Kids PartyThe primary goal of all children’s birthday parties is to make the children feel special. And when everyone present enjoys themselves at the party, it just makes the whole occasion unforgettable! But in a fast paced life, oftentimes you may not be able to every detail on your own. That’s why it is advisable to use children’s party supplies that cover every conceivable item such as decorations, favors, invitations, return gifts, food, and party ware. But what makes these kids’ party supplies such a favorite is that they can be purchased online with just the click of a mouse!Getting your child’s input is a must in making the birthday party a success. It also ensures that you plan things according to your child’s wants and desires. Once the two of you have decided upon the type of party that needs to be organized, it’s time to work within your budget and the timelines for ordering what you need. If your child is enthusiastic about the color pink or yellow or red or blue, you can even plan a theme party in those colors for him/her. It’s fun, unique and definitely enjoyable. Of course, you’ll need to arrange for children’s party supplies to match the theme. There are plenty of online as well as offline stores dealing in children’s party supplies; as a matter of fact some of them even offer you tips on birthday party themes. Some of the most popular themes for children’s birthday parties include Ben 10, Spiderman, Cinderella, pirates, super heroes, princess, barnyard, cartoon characters such as Mickey and Donald etc. Simple theme birthday parties such as superhero costumes, hats, masquerade masks etc. are fun too. It really depends on your child, his/her age, and guests. Once you have decided the theme, it’s time to get the children’s party supplies that include food, decorations etc. If you have chosen the superhero theme, you can serve Superhero sandwiches, Superman drink, and Penguin salad among other delicious snacks. Get your local children’s party supplies shop to deliver the tableware and plates and cups. You can also log on to the Internet and order birthday supplies in advance for your child’s birthday party. Consider placing an order for the cake a few days in advance to avoid last minute problems. Finally, remember, theme based children’s birthday parties require appropriate decorations. These decorations are a quintessential part of any kid’s birthday party and can be purchased from children’s party supplies shop.