Jumping Castle, Kids Party

Beyond Amusement: 3 Reasons To Hire A Bouncy Castle For You And The Kids


Hiring a bouncy castle and other inflatables for a family fun day in the backyard is so much more than just a means to lure your kids out of the house.  It is a fact that today’s kids are not particularly keen on taking their playtime to the outdoors, but with professional jumping castle hire experts, you will find that you stand to enjoy so much from the hire.

Both you and the kids can enjoy the following three benefits among many others

Bonding Time

As a working mum, or even a stay-at-home mum, you probably don’t get enough time with the kids during the week. Most of their time is spent at school and you may start to feel disconnected and distanced from their lives. It is no surprise then that you will want to maximize on every opportunity to bond with the kids as and when it presents itself.

How do you do that? By finding something fun to do together that you will both enjoy. Bounce houses and inflatable slides will never go out of fashion for kids; they are an absolute all-time favorite. Experts agree that playing with the kids can help strengthen parent-child relationships, promoting healthy bonds and nurturing emotional stability.

Time to unwind

School can be quite demanding. Working a shift that is a couple of hours long all week is not exactly anyone’s cup of tea, unless of course you are working at a job that you absolutely love. Taking care of the home as a stay-at-home mom can also take its toll on you. At the end of the week, all you want to do is put your feet up and relax.

Playing on bouncy castles and slides with the kids is a great way to unwind together as a family.  It is a fun and relaxing activity that will rejuvenate you, body and mind, even as you await the week ahead of you.

Throw In some Exercise

Without really trying to, you and the kids will be getting some light cardio exercise as you enjoy jumping up and down the bounce houses and yelping as you climb up the slides. Not only will you all stay fit, but you can also keep off gaining weight and avoid all the nasty weight-related problems.

Forget waiting for birthdays and christenings and other celebrations to hire the bouncy castles. On any given weekend, you can treat yourself and the kids to all the benefits that come with hiring a bouncing castle.

Kids Party

Planning for events was always something I dreaded, until I found the perfect partner with a local amusement hire company. From bouncing castles to other play inflatables, they had everything I needed for a excitement-filled and active fun day for the kids.
Knowing that such active play would definitely work up a thirst, I booked a double-bowl slushie machine so the kids could have refreshingly cold drinks to sip on after playing. Booking for the slushie machine hire was an easy process. The prices were great and the customer service even better. I was excited for the actual day of the event.
As per the instructions given during the initial contact with the company, I ensured that we had a sturdy table where the slushie machine would stand. The team arrived an hour and half before the event and were all set up within a couple of minutes. My kids helped with picking from the choice of flavors available and they were excellent choices as everyone absolutely loved the taste.
One of the company’s staff members operated the machine for the duration of the vent. The package included enough cups and straws for everyone. The drinks were so tasty and everyone was lining up for other helpings and we were soon out. The slushie machine was a big hit and I made a mental note to include slushie machine hire for future events. The team stepped in and came through with a refill, which meant everyone could drink to their hearts content. To my delight, the refill came at a discount helping me stay within my budget for the party.
After the event, the team took care of cleaning the slushie machine. The kids were happy. The parents were happy. I was happy with the slushie machine hire. And all in a day’s fun.

Jumping Castle, Kids Party

jumping castle companyEvery year we try and do something a little more special and make a most memorable day out of the kids’ birthdays. The kids may not remember who attended, or the bold and flamboyant fashion statements that the guests made, but what they will certainly remember is the entertainment that you line up for the day.

Kids are quite easy to please and there are so many options to choose from that would be perfect for a typical kids’ party. The options you choose from this range may of course be subject to budgetary constraints, safety concerns and personal preferences. For entertaining performances so epic that your kid’s party will be the talk in town among his/her peers, you can choose a combination of the following acts that are a guaranteed hit.

Jumping castles

Jumping castles hire is an undisputed must for any kids’ party. This inflated play item brings hours of endless fun to the event with the kids taking turns in the bouncing. For themed parties, you can have the hire company give you an inflatable that perfectly fits into the theme of the day.

Unlike years before when jumping castle hire meant a plain-looking and quite boring inflatable being delivered to your party, today, there are bouncy castle-slide combos and other exciting designs including basketball rings and a wrestling arena that bring the kids to a new world of fun.

With a special attention to safety during set-up and vigilant adult supervision during playtime, the kids can safely have some safe and uninhibited bouncy fun.

Magical Acts

Ever seen the look on a kids face as he/she tries to understand a trick without veiling their bewilderment and amazement at the “magic?” Simply priceless. Bring a magician to the party and you can be sure that the kids will forget about everything for a while as they get lost in the world of magic , with tricks and illusions that you wouldn’t care too much for as an adult, but for them, it will a definite wow.

Do you know what kids seem to love better than magic? Magic acts done by a clown. You can make arrangements with the magician for this.

Face painting and Balloon Twisting

Nobody wants to wait for a day out in the amusement to have their faces painted by professional face painting companies. You can bring the fun to the kids by hiring a professional face painter that can work on custom designs for the kids.

Balloon art just never gets old, especially for the younger kids. Hire a team of balloon making artists for your party and the kids will absolutely love it.


As a mom, you probably already know all the kids’ favorite” hits”, as subconsciously as that may have come to be. Add some funk to the party by hiring a musical act that will get the kids on the floor dancing and singing along to their definition of party anthems.

You can spoil your kids silly with these fun ideas, at least before the monster that is unruly and rebellious teenage-hood sets in. Find a reliable service provider for the jumping castle hire and the other activities and the kids will enjoy a day of fun and merry-making, memories of which will keep you going years later when they ignore you and prefer to have “special time”….all the time, with their phones.