Giving Your Lips The Much-Needed Attention With Lip Enhancement Procedures In perth

Before my consultation with an aesthetician at Iconic Medispa, I could not for the life of me explain why my lips were not what they used to be. I always assumed that it was just age catching up with me, but turns out that is only a small part of it. The process of ageing, alongside other factors such as exposure to the sun and a change in hormonal activity can cause the lips to loose elasticity, volume and shape. As I would also learn, all hope was not lost and I get back to my former glory with the best lip enhancement in Perth.

As a trusted facility for the best lip enhancement in Perth, the practitioners have the relevant expertise and experience to carry out successful lip augmentation procedures. Two cosmetic injectables, dermal fillers and lip fillers are the most commonly sought after treatments at the clinic for lip enhancement in Perth. The procedures for the two are more or less similar, starting off with a local anesthetic, before the filler solution is carefully injected into the soft tissue of the lips. There is virtually no down-time for both procedures and except for some mild swelling after the procedure and some redness, the whole experience is relatively painless and discomfort-free. I was actually able to sit down and write on my experience at the clinic just 3 hours after leaving the facility.

Lip enhancement in Perth is literally taking years off of the faces of many. As many as have gone through the lip augmentation treatments, including myself, can smile with confidence again. Youthful lips, with much more volume and definition; that is definitely something worth flaunting. Lip enhancement in Perth can be undertaken as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with other treatments available at the clinic for an amazing make-over.