MY Experience When Choosing A Fake Grass Supplier Company

Your choice of fake grass should not scream “fake”. Instead, ensure that you choose a variety of artificial grass that closely resembles and has a fair realism compared to natural grass among other desirable characteristics.

You may want to undertake installing fake grass in the yard as a DIY project, or engage a professional service provider. Either way, it is important to find a supplier-installer whose workmanship meets and even exceeds your requirements and expectations. Some of the factors to consider include the following

Product quality

To ensure that you get your money’s worth; check the quality of the fake grass before entering into a contract with the supplier. Check that the texture, tuft density and weight match your preferences and are suitable for the area where the fake grass will be installed. Quality does not come cheap, so you should be prepared to dig in a little deeper into your pockets to secure the best quality in the market.

Credentials and experience

Conduct extensive market research when finding a supplier. Find a well-established company that is certified and has all the proper licensing to operate in the locality. Enquire about what qualifications members of the installation team and how much on-the-job exposure and experience they have. Diligent work over the years helps most installers in mastering how to tackle even the most challenging jobs for a satisfactory finish on every job.

You may also want to hear from other clients who have worked with the company. Ask for a portfolio of the installation projects the company has undertaken recently.

Guarantee offer

Before committing, ask about what guarantees the artificial grass company offers. Consider the grass guarantee that is typically between 5-10 years for most companies. Other guarantees may include a workmanship guarantee that will cover all matters arising from poor quality workmanship.


You cannot spend money that you do not have on installing fake grass or any other project. Compare per-square-meter costs of different suppliers and find one that offers great quality service within your budget limits. You should also ask for a comprehensive cost breakdown, showing clearly the cost of the artificial grass and that of installing it. You may also want to enquire about any additional “hidden” costs such as delivery charges to the site of actual installation.

Infill and Backing options

Infill helps to maintain that lush appearance for fake grass. There are also some superior non-infill surfaces. The most popular infill materials are sand and rubber. Backing can be either latex or polyurethane. Depending on your preferences and budget, ask about what infill and backing options the supplier has available.

With the increasing popularity of artificial turf, so has the number of suppliers in the market increased. Finding a suitable fake grass supplier cannot be understated, especially if you desire to get the best quality fake grass for your money.

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